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Tanya Powell

"I knew that the time had come for me to make a change in my life. I needed to move in the direction of my dream of empowering our youth and women. Whilst it is that I was already a Certified Coach, I needed clarity of goals and a starting point. Samantha's Life Design gave me exactly what I needed and more to enable me to move into action. Samantha gave me not only the tools but also served as my inspiration, go to person during down times and my biggest cheerleader. I have had great results working with Samantha. If you are looking for a results focused programme, then this is for you.

Rachel Crosby

"My coaching sessions with Samantha have been amazing. I have gained insight in many areas of my life and I am more focused, driven and positive as a result of my sessions. I have seen a tremendous change in my life and in my mindset. I have been able to identify limiting beliefs, and shift my focus to a future with unlimited possibilities. Though her guidance and expertise as a coach I have an improved self-image and more confidence. Samantha is an intuitive, insightful, and encouraging coach. Thank you Samantha, this has been an invaluable experience."

Cheryl Cooper

"I began a transformation & transitions journey with and my goal was to rebrand myself at both a personal and professional level. That journey began with a very special gift named Samantha Gooden. We connected in beautiful Florida, began our virtual coaching the next week and arrived at a phenomenal cross functional branding strategy AND I received the bonus of heightened spiritual awareness! Meditation became a daily ritual. Samantha's coaching style is simple effective, collaborative and masterful. With her coaching I have grown both of my businesses and I've achieved my financial & clients goals."

Shermaine Desnoes O'Connor

"As a new mommy my life was becoming increasingly overwhelming. I was worried that I was getting caught up in cycles that were only getting me through the days but not helping to foster any growth in areas connected to my career and personal development. I was worried and scared about what was happening – that maybe I was completely losing ‘me’ in my new role. My mind was scattered and I also felt as though I couldn’t find the time to process how I needed to get to where I wanted. I was especially concerned about starting a new year in this apparent inertia. Then I attended Samantha’s LIfe Design ‘Visionscape’ Event and it changed everything. She helped me to focus on and process relevant issues, set targets and a create a blueprint for the approaching my goals. I now feel re-energized and ready to face the challenges of my life without the worry. I have hope but I also have a plan. Samantha helped to get me there and now I’m so very optimistic about the days and months ahead."